Thursday, 13 December 2012


In November 2012, I wrote the first post about the "Bedroom Tax", [1] I have just found a quote to do with the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child in an article that I wrote in February 2007 titled 'The Return of Love, and the Return of the Children". It was later that year that I was sent to Israel to embed the new covenant for the children.

The UK government, its ministers, civil servants and local councils are introducing a 'Bedroom Tax' that will impact on the children and it does affect them. The government did not ask the children their views on how they feel about their bedrooms being taking away from them. Has such, the UK government is in breach of and in contravention of the human rights of children and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

'The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, adopted in 1989, lays out the fundamental human rights of children. One of the principles is that Children should be free to express their views. And these views should be taken into account in ALL matters that affect them.'

What else did I write about eroding the boundaries of children?

'A key factor is that children are born divine beings until their boundaries are eroded and they are taken astray. Divine self -v- Human self as been a battle that humanity have contended with for aeons.

I hear people talking about there being no boundaries when the new world comes to be. It is clear to me that these people do not have any boundaries in place, because if they did they would not be talking about no boundaries.

When boundaries are eroded in childhood, it takes self-healing to get them back. Without boundaries there is no justice, there is no measure, balance or moral compass.

"Love without integrity is like an ocean without fish, a house without windows and a library without books" "People are not a commodity without love they become so" from Sacred Words

Children that have been brought up knowing they are sacred in a sanctuary of peace have boundaries in place. They quickly learn, what is healthy for them and what is not.'

Can children live in their own sanctuary of peace if they are forced to share a bedroom with a sibling?


In 2004, Charles Mercieca Phd. Professor Emeritus, Alabama A&M University also wrote the following about the human rights of children in international development. Here are a few quotes from him:

'Children are the backbone of the nation. If they grow straight and healthy we will end up having a wonderful and perfect nation. On the other hand, if children are deprived of the necessities of full and adequate medical attention and vital educational needs we will end up having a nation that will be in serious trouble. Countries that expect children to have insurance in order for them to receive medical attention are blatantly violating children's human rights.'

'The basic weakness of any government could be traced in its inability to develop policies that are beneficial to all people without exception.'

That includes children as well.

'St. Catherine of Siena used to say: Anima sana in corpore sano - A healthy mind is found in a healthy body. If we were to concentrate on finding a cure to such illnesses as cancer, leukemia, heart illness, epilepsy, Alzheimer's disease, along with several others, we will have a better and healthier society with more and more people becoming involved in positive and constructive work that would benefit the entire nation to say the least.'

'Besides, we need to keeo ib mind that the behavior of the present adults everywhere reflects generally the upbringing of such adults. In global areas where children did not have the opportunity to enjoy their childhood and to benefit from basic human rights that were outlined earlier, we find a very confused and even dangerous society. Usually, children who experience love, understanding, compassion and good care are likely to reveal such qualities in dealing with others as adults. On the other hand, those children who experience hatred, neglect, rough treatment and rejection are likely to reveal such qualities later on as adults in the community where they find themselves.'

'Ironically, in every nation where the open violation of children's human rights is very much evident, we do observe a dosage of corruption in some members of the government. Perhaps the creation of national and international courts of justice that specialize in the special protection of children's human rights may be given serious consideration.' 

Has we know the British government are 'violating the human rights of children'.  Does this mean that the UK government is 'corrupt?' Has Charles suggests? Yes, indeed it does.

Information from the National Housing Federation who have been lobbying government about the changes being made. And a mother in Salisbury has launched a campaign against the 'Bedroom Tax'.

'Jessica McCarnun says the move puts her in an impossible situation as she cannot afford to lose the £14 a week she fears will be cut, and that her five-year-old son, Rowan, needs to have his own room as he has autism and brain damage and could lash out at his siblings.

She said: “Rowan can be up six times a night, he can vomit and have night terrors, and when he’s frustrated he can lash out, scratch and bite.”

Mrs McCarnun, who said she is already relying on help from Salisbury’s foodbank to get by, has set up a Facebook page urging all disabled people to tell their story on how it will affect them, which she hopes to take to Downing Street early next year.

She said: “We are very frightened about what’s going on.

“It’s a massive assault on the disabled people in this country. We want the government to understand what they are doing and the suffering this is going to cause.”

What did the Supreme Court have to say do you know? It appears that they were only asked to make a decision on the basis of the disabled. However, they’re are still in contravention of the human rights of the child and that has to be addressed by human rights lawyers.

We are on to it, and will stay with it, until justice is done for the children and their human rights.






Monday, 8 October 2012


SOS Children's Village. Greek parents are being forced to give up their children due to the parents not being able to finance them. You will see a lot more of this in Europe. Today, Cameron’s government announce that there is going to be another 10 billion cut in welfare in place by 2016. That is on top of the cuts that are already being implemented. At the same time, the rich are still getting richer on the backs of the poor. 

When I was in Athens, I saw the Greek Coptic priests dripping in gold. They wear more gold than the drug dealers have been known to wear. And people wonder why, the people and the children have an issue with Christianity.
Prophet Malachi predicted that this would happen in this timeline.

“So I will come to put you on trial. I will be quick to testify against sorcerers, adulterers and perjurers, against those who defraud laborers of their wages, who oppress the widows and the fatherless, and deprive the foreigners among you of justice, but do not fear me,” says the LORD Almighty. Malachi 3:5

The video tells you that there are 40 children at the SOS Children’s Village. The numeric of 40 is to do with the Prophet Moses, Malachi also mentioned Moses and how the people are to remember what was said to Moses. e.g. about the prophet coming. Nostradamus also gave a prediction about 40 years. This quote is from Peter Lories book called 'Nostradamus The Millennium and Beyond. The prophecies to 2016.' It was published in 1993.

‘Mars threatens us with his warlike strength, seventy times will caused blood to flow: Fall and ruin of the clergy and more of those that wish to understand nothing from them. The scythe joined to the pond towards Sagittarius at the height of its ascendant, plague, famine, death by military hand: The century approaches its renewal. For 40 years the IRIS will not appear, for 40 years it it will be seen everyday; the arid earth earth will grow drier and great floods when it will appear."
Nostradamus would have known that after 40 years, you move into your ascendant sign. It is no coincidence that my ascendant is Sagittarius. The Archer that shoots the arrows to hit the target. Nostradamus also knew that the biblical prophecies predicted that I would remain hidden until the LORD chose to reveal me. In this Botticelli painting called the ‘Trial of Moses’, it holds a message. Clearly, the one in this painting is not in male form but in female form. A single parent mother with her child. 

The Faithful Remnant
Then those who feared the Lord talked with each other, and the LORD listened and heard. A scroll of remembrance was written in his presence concerning those who feared the LORD and honored his name. Malachi 3:16

No surprise that passage is called 'The Faithful Remnant' and that the Harp of Faithfulness was sent to the faithful remnant in Israel. That scroll of remembrance was given to me by a spiritual Israeli at the holy gathering in Israel in 2006. It has the names JOSEPH SOPHIA on the scroll. They knew that the Messenger of the Covenant had come.

“Surely the day is coming; it will burn like a furnace. All the arrogant and every evildoer will be stubble, and the day that is coming will set them on fire,” says the LORD Almighty.” Malachi 4:4

Nostradamus spoke about the military and the pond. As we know the pond is to do with the USA. Prophet Malachi mentions the stubble and Prophet Obadiah predicted that the ESAU would become stubble. The land of ESAU is the USA. The land of the red and hairy ones.

Prophet Malachi is telling you about the judgement that is coming upon the USA.

“See, I will send the prophet Elijah to you before that great and dreadful day of the LORD comes. He will turn the hearts of the parents to their children,and the hearts of the children to their parents; or else I will come and strike the land with total destruction.”
. Malachi 4:5-6
As we know, the night I arrived in the USA, the Prince of Peace Church in Philadelphia burned to the ground. Did they get the message that we had arrived?


Tuesday, 28 August 2012


This is not the first time that we have shared about circumcision on our blogs. [1] Circumcision has been banned in a court in Cologne, Germany. Its no surprise that over 600 Rabbi's came out in support of Obama after that. As we know Obama has promoted Islam, as such he also supports what 'Jews Against Circumcision' call a 'barbaric act'. 

'A current ballot measure in San Francisco seeks to ban circumcision with no religious exception. Many people have called this ballot anti-semitic and anti-muslim. This is simply not true. All babies deserve genital integrity and autonomy over their bodies. No one has the right to make a decision for a child to alter his body for non-medical reasons, including religion. Religous Freedom does not give one the right to mutilate someone elses's body, even if that person is their child. Parents only have the right to make medically valid decisions for their minor child, like a tonsillectomy or appendectomy. Circumcision is not medically valid.' [3] 

The court in Germany is now looking at the case of ear piercing children. 

After a Cologne court ruled in June that circumcision was illegal, a Berlin judge is examining whether or not ear-piercing should be as well.
The issue has come up in conjunction with a suit against a tattoo studio by the parents of a three-year-old girl whose ears were pierced at the studio.
A judge must rule on whether the parents should be punished for having sought the piercing, and whether the studio can be prosecuted for not having refused to perform the procedure. A decision is expected by August 31.
The parents of the girl said in their suit that the child cried from an inordinate amount of pain as her ears were being pierced. During a medical examination three days later the child was still manifesting a traumatic reaction.

Forgive them Father for they know not what they do to the children.



Saturday, 2 June 2012

St Michael's School, USA

We keep on warning Americans about the children and to turn their hearts to the children as the biblical prophecies ask them to do in this timeline. Now eleven children have become 'sick' at St Michael's School. I usually put events such as this on the event blog. However, as this relates to other prophecies that we have been sharing, it is appropriate to place this story here and on the covenant blog.

This is the text that was with the video.

(This took place in Upper Saucon Township, PA on May 30, 2012)

Disturbing, brainwashed sheep-ants!! Get your kids out of these pathetic schools, they are harming them and they don't give a f*ck about you or your kids!! Mystery, indeed!

This must be the umpteenth incident I've heard about (and posted!) wherein the cause of the mystery illness at the school is never known - the air quality tests are alleged to have come back normal and la-dee-da, life goes on like normal.

I guess many of the parents are just so idiotic and obedient that they think this is ok.

To quote the article:

"Despite the mystery, many parents say they are pleased with the school's response.

"Things happen that you really can't explain sometimes, but I don't really have any apprehension about sending my kids back today or any day," said Cochrane.

"Maybe it is unsettling that we don't have a specific answer, but I really believe that we have to trust in the professionals in their field," said parent Ashley Russo."

Read more here: 


11 Children, 11 is a Master number of duality. In numerology it is the ‘clenched fist’ and it is to do with ‘trials and treachery’. Trials are to do with Jacob's 'trouble' and the corporations and what they are doing. In the book of Revelation the 'trouble' is for ten days and a day can be a year in Judaism. 

The fact that this happened at St Michael's School is definitely a sign that you must take notice of. Those that know me, know about my work with Archangel Michael in the first phase of the Rev 12 timeline. 

Michael is also mentioned in the book of Daniel, the bible tells you that he was the only one that supported me against the Prince of Persia. Hand, in hand, side by side. Shoulder to shoulder in the frontline defending Israel. 

Michael also appears again in chapter 12, and as we know this is 2012. In Judaism, Michael is appointed over the seventh heaven, and seven also relates to the Nostradamus prophecy about Michael M. Mauldin and the seven men. Six of which went to his bed with a 'grudge'. See the previous post called 'Sword of Truth - Steel Prophecy'. 

In Dan 12, Michael is wearing white linen, that aligns with the Rev 15 prophecy about the angels that wear white linen and the name Ben Hur. See the previous post about Rev 15 and 'Georgia Panics' on the ELIAKIM blog. 

May 30th is the 'Day of Independence' and that relates to the covenant of spiritual independence for the children. Independence can also relate to finances, and the USA did not follow instructions of God to do with his instructions that were delivered. He also said 'No School, Schools Out'. 

The children were in a Catholic school and in a mass. If you watch the video, you will see the dove and Jonah means 'Dove'. The Sign of Jonah arrived twice in Israel. First doves were given to people at the blessing of the sea of galilee on the 22nd of May, 2006. Then the whale arrived in the waters in 2010. 

Jesus Christ predicted that Israel would be given the sign of Jonah prior to the judgment commencing with the Queen of the South that has more wisdom than Solomon. 

Later that year, 5 million trees burned down on Mount Carmel at Jewish New Year. Exactly as Prophet Isaiah had predicted it would happen if they did not do the will of God. 

In Dan 12, Michael is standing above the waters of the river. That reminds me of the Harmonic Concordance in Florence, Italy, when Archangel Michael was above the waters of the river as the heavens opened up in November 2003. At that time I was asked to bring the energy into the earth through this vessel to ground the energies of the harmonic concordance. 


Wednesday, 30 May 2012


First there was a video about the reasons to take the children out of school, then I received a message from a friend that the foxes had killed all of her chickens. Then the third message arrived from a scientist titled: ALERT: Fountain of Life -v- Fountain of Death to do with vaccines. That also links into the recent 'LIFE STREAM' annular solar eclipse that took place earlier in May, 2012. 

The Daily Telegraph reported that the so-called experts are stating that 'All children should be vaccinated against flu from the age of five to stop them spreading the illness among their families, government advisors have said'. [1] 

The second part of the email was titled: 

'Avian and swine flu vaccines cause sterility and death'. [2] A third link was also recommended. Go to this site and listen to the audio interview of Dr. John Waterman (11 July-update 4)


The scientist also added this quote from Genesis. 'From the tree of knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat, for in that day that you shall eat from it, you shall surely die'. 2:17. 

People were advised to eat from the Tree of Life experience. However, as we informed people back in 2004, the roots of the old tree of life are dying due to the 'selfishness' of humanity. A new tree of life is growing at an amazing speed. Those that hang onto the previous tree of life, will die with it. Only those that move into the new heaven and earth will survive what is coming upon the planet and its people. 

Video about the children and the 'mystery illnesses' during May, 2012. This is happening throughout the USA. These incidents are being mapped. As the LORD God said 'NO SCHOOL, SCHOOLS OUT'.

As the biblical prophecies predicted, the nations must turn their hearts to the children, if they don't then there will be severe consequences. They must also do the will of God in this timeline, if they wish to survive beyond the earth and climatic changes. The prophecies predict that the tribes of Joseph will be saved. The tribes in my heart are the indigenous peoples and the spiritual that support them and help them. 


Thursday, 24 May 2012


I cannot tell you how deeply concerning this video is about 'Latvia', and what they doing to the children there. The video is called 'Nazi Kindergarten Shame: Baltic divided over the dark past'.

These blessed children are only toddlers, three years old. Babies being taking into the dark realm of men and the way of man.

When my son was a child, even toy guns were banned from the house, and it was only after he started school that I had to relent somewhat. Although he never had a strong interest in them, and he knew that his mother did not like them, and would not purchase toy ones. What he spent his own birthday money on was a different matter. It was his money to choose. Toy guns should be banned altogether.

"A kindergarten in Latvia has been dragged into a row over teaching tyranny - after its toddlers were given a lesson by Nazi sympathisers, including getting hands-on with SS weapons. For some, it's vital schooling about their country's history but, as Aleksey Yaroshevsky reports, the fear is of nursery-age indoctrination." 

Its hard to even consider the possibility of this happening to babies. Or that it is happening again in the Baltic states.


Saturday, 12 May 2012


If a child is washed, dried and changed regularly, there is no requirement for any baby powder. If you find that your baby is getting a diaper rash, then you can cover their sensitive areas with vaseline, as a barrier to defend their skin. When Jordan was a baby he was very intuitive and would remove his nappy at night, he was clean at 8-9 months during the day, and at one year of a night. He was determined not to wear them, he wished for his body to be free from any restriction. I also allowed him to be free and not to wear any at all, as much as possible during the day time.

A rash is like an open wound, and as we know, the pores open after a warm bath. As such, what you put on to the babies skin, is quickly absorbed into their system. Keep the baby as natural as you can, as they were meant to be, in more ways than one.

Talcum powder is a ground dust that 'pollutes' the air. Dust that babies can breathe in,  directly on to their lungs. It has been found to co-create lung and ovarian cancer. These babies are covered in it.